Technical Resources

Minnesota MG Group Technical Advisers 

Electrical – Jeff Schlemmer

MGA – Brian McCullough

MGB – Randy Byboth

Midgets – Brian McCullough

Triple M _ Lew Palmer  651.436.7401

T Types – Bob Figenskau  952.935.7909

Local Resources

Local Clubs and Organizations

MG T Register  a club for the older MG T series

Intermarque  a collection of vintage foreign car clubs in the area. They have a free monthly newsletter containing car events in the Metro area.

These local businesses support our club activities, so please help support them.

Quality Coaches   20 W 38th street, just off Nicolette Ave. in South Minneapolis  Repairs for your Foreign car,  new and used parts and a Moss parts distributor.

BMC British Automobile  444  East Dual Blvd Isanti MN 55014 Repairs, restorations, engine conversions and LED light kits.

Eau Claire British Car  4271 North Shore Drive, Eau Claire WI  Repairs, new and used parts, a Moss parts distributor.

Midwest Motor Sports  728 8th Ave South  Sauk Rapids MN

Dave Braun  MG, Triumph and other LBC restoration and SU carburetor rebuilding services

Strictly British, Little British car parts, service and consultation in your driveway.  Steve Rixen, 5995 Highview Place Shoreview MN 55126 612-877-1938

Advanced Distributors all your distributor work for your little British car. Jeff Schlemmer  17495 Marystown Rd Shakopee MN 55379 612-804-5543

Web Based Resources

Moss Motors   Parts catalog with blow-up diagrams, tech articles and videos on line.

Victoria British  Parts catalog

The B Hive  located in Clemson SC,  Gordon Strickland is very knowledgeable about LBC’s and sells quality parts for MGB’s and Midgets

Joe Curto located in New York,  British carburetor parts and services, Joe offers quality parts and rebuilt kits for your SU carbs

World Wide Auto Parts  located in Madison WI,  rebuilding lever shocks with modern seals so they don’t leak for your MG or other LBC

Dave DuBois  located in Washington State,  SU fuel pump rebuilding services and troubleshooting articles, Dave will rebuild your SU pump with points or electronic

Advance Auto Wiring  Wiring products for your British car, download your stock wiring diagram in PDF form, and blow it up for in the shop, it’s much easier to read than the ones from the Haynes or Bentley manual

The MG Experience  A web site with a very active forum about everything concerning MG’s. Lots of technical articles in the library section with information on repairs to any system on an MG. Free, and never any spam or unsolicited e-mails.

Eastwood Period accessories   Very accurate reproductions of the 1973 and 1974 emissions decals for your MGB slam panel

Clark and Clark   Plastic battery bins, center arm rests and other specialty British accessories

Pieces of Eight: Struts for your MG  Gas charged bonnet and boot lid struts for your MGB/MGC and MGBGT

Nisonger Instruments  Smiths and British Jaeger instrument/gauge repair and rebuilding

C & G Woodcraft  Vintage British automobile wood, quality wood veneer for your dash, key fobs, wood shift knobs and tie tacks.

Automotive Touchup paint  Custom-mixed touch up paint for your British car

Kirk’s Auto Refitters  MG and all other British cars, Moss parts and accessory’s, wire wheels, suspension bushings, and other rebuilding services. Davenport Iowa

Under construction  This page will be updated from time to time with additional information for keeping your MG in top mechanical condition, please check back again later.